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I had a great time hanging out at Californo's in Kansas City with Nicki Scruggs and Jess Novak. These woman are very talented and a joy to watch perform. We will have radio interviews coming up with both of these great musicians in the near future. But in the meantime you can hear their music being played right here on jazzmix95.com. Below you can watch 2 videos by Jess Novak. "Treat me Right" off the CD titled "Fireworks & Fairytales" 
and the In-studio performance "With me or Not.'

Nicki Scruggs is currently in the process of putting video together to be filmed this Spring/Summer. She is currently performing in the greater Kansas City Area. If you are in the KC Metro you really need to check her out. Nicki definitely  brings the music to the table with a great performance. Both of these young ladies are a breath of fresh air and their music can be listened and purchased on Itunes Music. 
Jess Novak "Treat Me Right"
Jess Novak "With me or Not"
Nicki Scruggs

Nicki was born July 9, 1992 in Kansas City, Missouri. Even though her parents divorced before she was born, they each still had a major impact on her musically. “I remember being four years old and riding around in the backseat of my father’s red Firebird and singing every word to the ‘Yellow Submarine’ album by The Beatles.” Her father also played Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones, and Beatles songs on his guitar when she visited him every other weekend. During the weekdays, her mother sang along beautifully to various artists such as Whitney Houston and Shania Twain and also played the flute at church every Sunday morning.

When she was twelve, Nicki received her first acoustic guitar for Christmas and began taking lessons from Cindy Egger, a local guitar instructor. She wrote her first song with her guitar at the age of 13 and began filling up notebooks with lyrics about relationships, friends, and experiences. And she never stopped, referring to her song writing as “therapy.”

Nicki began voice lessons at 16 with Riva Capilleri. During this time, she was playing at open mic nights and competing at local singing competitions. She also started booking small cafés and venues around Kansas City, playing original songs and cover tunes.

In May of 2011, Nicki had a dream where she was standing behind the curtains backstage on the set of American Idol. She woke up and immediately and searched online for audition locations. Surprisingly enough, auditions were being held in St. Louis in a month. She took her grandma along for the audition and was thrilled to win a golden ticket! “The whole experience was something I will never forget. In Hollywood, I was surrounded by 300 other singers who shared the same passion and dream with one another. That connected feeling was amazing; it was like we were all instant family-friends and rooting for each other to make it.”

During the American Idol experience, Nicki moved to the renowned recording capitol of the World, Muscle Shoals, Alabama. She attended The University of North Alabama and while in school, still pursued her music career. She recorded her first demo and became friends with Kelvin Holly who plays guitar for Little Richard, The Amazing Rhythm Aces, Pegi Young & the Survivors, and The Decoys. She also jammed/played showcases with Will McFarlane (Guitar player for Bonnie Raitt), Donnie Fritts (singer/songwriter “We Had It All”- Ray Charles and keys for Kris Kristofferson) and Scot Boyer (singer-songwriter for The Allman Brothers).

This fresh and dynamic artist will most decidedly capture your heart with her engaging laugh and distinctive rock/country/and blues stylings.


Jazz Spotlight : JESS NOVACK

Jess Novak takes no prisoners. With a fiddle on fire, powerful vocals and a fierce band behind her, this pop, rock, soul-pumped group brings passion to every performance. Known for their energy, superb musicianship, engaging songwriting and ability to win any crowd, this is a band on the rise. Having touched audiences up and down the East Coast and throughout the Midwest – from Burlington, VT to Key West, FL to St. Louis, MO – and with Novak playing more than 250 dates annually, the sound gets tighter with each show.


Jess Novak (violin, guitar, vocals, piano, looping) works with Mark Nanni (formerly of Los Blancos) on piano, organ, accordion and vocals; Byron Cage (Tommy Castro, Joe Louis Walker) on drums; Anthony Saturno (Sampere, Wagner 3000) on guitar and Billy Harrison (Black Rhino) on drums, guitar, vocals and beatboxing to create a powerhouse sound. Her work is being played on radio stations worldwide (WTYT 960, D.C. Coast to Coast, Women of Substance Radio, IndieOutbreak) and written about at home and across the ocean (SEE PRESS). Novak has played such prestigious rooms as The Cutting Room (NYC), The Saint (Asbury Park) and Nectar's (Burlington, VT), opened the 23rd Annual Chenango Blues Festival (with headliner, Ronnie Earl) and shared stages with groups and artists including Devon Allman, Tas Cru, Jimmy Hall, Ghost Town Blues Band and members of Butch Trucks and the Freight Train Band. 

Novak released her solo debut album, Bad Habit, in December 2013. Her group, The Golden Novak Band, released their self-titled debut album in August 2014 and their follow-up, Rodeo, was released in October 2015. The Jess Novak Band released Inches from the Sun on November 5, 2016. The album won the Syracuse Area Music Award for "Best Pop" in 2017. The band released Live at Nelson Odeon in June 2017 and Fireworks & Fairytales in November of the same year.  


Novak has played with projects spanning RESPECT: CNY Women in Music to Vinyl Albums Live to BeatleCuse, providing a strong musical background, easily adaptable to any situation or genre. She's been nominated for Best Female Vocalist in the Best of Syracuse competition three times and placed third in the 2016 Country Showdown sponsored by WOLF 92.1FM. Her work spans hip-hop beats to throw-back soul to straight-up pop making for music that engages any listener. 

Novak was also the cover girl for Syracuse Woman Magazine in September 2016. See it all here.

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