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Things will be changing here at Jazzmix95.com.
Our music variety has been upgraded, Summer concert series are on the way 
and soon we will be having "Give-a-Way" Fridays. 
Now you can listen to Uber Chill on Jazzmix95.com 

Tony Koch and the AltNews Band Uber Chill 
The AltNews Band brings together elements of neo bop, nu jazz, chill and Latin music with unexpected instrumental solos, richly layered synth sounds, hip rhythms and bluesy, funky guitar hooks. Started by guitarist, composer and jazz visionary Tony Koch (Kosh, rhymes with“posh”), the quintet is filled out by producer, engineer and bass player Miles Hill, drummerBobby Ruggiero, saxophonist Campbell Ryga and renowned Vancouver multi-instrumentalistMiles Black. Members have established their own distinctive voices through decades ofinnovating, performing and recording, and because Koch carefully lays out each of his compositions with these unique players in mind, The AltNews Band achieves a compelling sweet and savory blend of their individual ideals. Songs sizzle with ultra-hip, lyrical melodies, rich harmonies and dynamic fusion grooves with undertones of funk and rock that challenge concepts of traditional jazz while still holding true to its deep, improvisational roots.
Under the Label: Project Moon Circle
Heather Bambrick: You'll never know
Heather Bambrick has a very smooth and intoxicating voice. The music is beautifully arranged. I sat back and listened to this from top to bottom and I must say that You'll never know will send your mind on trip. 

Heather hits all the right notes. All these songs are great. My favorite on the CD is "How does it feel"  I can relate to it and "Dedicated to you."

Heather is s 2017 JUNO  Award Nominee. 
National Jazz Awards - Vocal Jazz Artist of the Year
Jazz Recording of the year at the 2018 East Coast Music Awards

Do yourself some justice and check her out!!

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A note from Marquis to you................
First off I have to say thank you God for giving  me a second chance and helping me to come back. It has been a long road filled with controversy and rumors. This is a new fresh start for me and I would like to thank everyone who stood by me during my trials and tribulations concerning my last situation. I'm here for you the fans. I also want to thank everyone who checked in with me on the daily to see how I was doing and coming  along with this transition. All I can say is thank you for making me a apart of your day..I'm excited and Pumped!!...."Let's have a GOOD TIME!!"...."I LOVE YOU ALL!!"
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