The dirt on your morning show host......

Marquis Watson always had an interest in liberal arts, media, broadcasting, and video production at an early age. His aspirations of singing in the mirror with his mother’s hairbrush came to fruition at the age of 8 when he started writing songs. 

Forward fast years later at the age of 18 while living in Japan, the Far East and traveling Europe where he acquired a lot of his musical influences that he still embodies till this day. After achieving success living abroad Marquis came back to the states to make his mark. In 1992 while working on his debut CD he noticed the up rise of the negative rap music. The down grading of women, negative scenarios played out to be positive, the glorification of drugs and finally the low self esteem of people all over and how they examined their situation and daily lives to be a dead end and hopeless situation.

“I felt I was part of this great industry of what we called music so, let me try to uplift people.” “I wasn’t trying to be that one hit wonder or savior.” I just felt, I had a message to give to people.”  The message he gave to them was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech,  and the song was titled “This is your Dream.” It went on to talk about the negative situations in life having nothing but a dead end and eventually death. The song caught the ear of Hot 97.1 radio personality “Flava Flav” on his program “Flava Flav’s “Home Jams.”

From there the song was picked up and was played by multiple radio stations throught out the United States. “That wasn’t even suppose to be the first release., said Marquis." “It was supposed to be a B side cut.” The first release was supposed to be “So What’s up?” which had a gritty guitar, Arabian funky break down at the end, very stout lyrics and vocal tone. Marquis explains, but the masses were saying otherwise.

The song was not charting high in the United Sates due to the second wave of Gangster rap coming out of the West Coast. So he decided to take the song overseas. The song in the European and Asian Markets took off like a rocket. “It was from America and the foreign markets wanted in on what could have been the next hottest rap song.”


From there Marquis went on to release his first CD titled “Eclectic.”

The CD did well overseas and received outstanding reviews.

While in the middle of the recording of the sophomore CD Marquis was approached by a television producer out of Boston by the name of Wordel. He thought Marquis would be a great fit to host  his music video program and ask Marquis to audition for the show. Marquis auditioned and scored high on his review and then was ask to be the new host of “Video Express” out of state Massachusetts. “This was supposed to be it!!” Marquis said. “This was already being pumped up as the thing that was going to rival MTV.” “They had banners, flyers, TV promos, tags on busses, and the technology I was amped up!!” But that day never came. Unfortunately the debut of “Video Express” never happen due to financial backers pulling out at the last minute.


Marquis inquired about what is going to become of the show? He was told by Wordel “It’s over.” But, that did not sit too well with Marquis. “I moved back to Connecticut after relocating to Mass for this TV show and I wasn’t going out like that!” Marquis said, I did not want my name associated with something that was a failure” I drove down interstate 84 West and started to brain storm.” By the time I got back to Connecticut 4 hours later “203” Music Clique was born.” 

“203” Music Clique was the first music video/talk show out of Connecticut that gained national recognition for winning 3 Billboard Awards for the Best Local Regional Music Video Show in America. The program was Executive Produced and edited by Marquis himself.  The programmed also featured very popular guest on it such as N’Sync, Tyrese, Alicia Keys, Ice Cube , Destiny’s Child, Method Man, Job B. Montell Jordan and more.


Marquis has also done marketing for Tyrese, Jon B., Trina, Trick Daddy, Jill Scott, Ying-Yang Twins, Little John and the East Side Boys. Earning Gold, Platinum and Double Platinum record plaques.

“That was a great experience. If I could I do it all over again I would!” I learned a lot from it.” I thank God for that time in my life. After the program ended due to the events of the World Trade Center. 203 Music Clique aired for 10 years and moved from a Public & Leased Access level to a nationally recognized music video/talk show.


Marquis moved out of Connecticut to start up his new company Visual-Concepts LLC. Now in the field of Videography, commercials, independent films, post and re- production, graphics arts, special effects, digital editing, compositing and motions graphics. The whole concept of Visual-Concepts is to provide affordable advertising for small businesses.


While in downtown Los Angeles at lunch Marquis saw a sign that said help wanted for a radio station morning host. He decided auditioned and was ask to be the radio personality for WCBG. After leaving WCBG  for what was to be believed as an infraction on an open contract Marquis finds himself once again at the forefront as he assumes the helm as the new morning show host on Jazmix95.com


“I’m excited beyond compare.” Now there is no more confusion, no more assumptions, no more doubt. I got the green light and all I can say is to my past and present listeners is ……”Due to heavy turbulence that the aircraft is about to experience, I will ask you all to kindly buckle up your seat belts.”



Marquis & Destiny's Child
Marquis & Montell Jordan 
Marquis & Heather Headly
Marquis & Tyrese
Marquis & Dave Koz