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Advertising Rates

Ok let's be honest where can you advertise this cheap and get the demographics of being heard from all over the world? You can't at this price. Check below for rates.
Benefits of advertising on Jazzmix95.com
Advertising on jazzmix95.com is easy and simple. 
You can send us your add spot/commercial on a electronic file (i.e mp3, wav, aiff, or .mov)
Or if you have a "Mention" already scripted out (via email) 
The benefits of this and possibilities and endless especially if you have a website for our listeners to go to and check out. We will also send you and "air check" if requested. Please view our rate card below.
Jazzmix95.com rate card
Keep in mind that our program is only 2 hours long. Many stations charge $100 per spot 

Weekly advertising ..................$75 per week (4 mentions per show or playback 30 or 60 sec spot (4 spots per show) 
Monthly advertising..........$200 (4 mentions per show or 4-playbacks (30 or 60 sec spot-per show) 120 (spots) runs per month.
For more information please click on the advertising link .............ADVERTISING